Scott At The Longchamps Party

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 15, 2008

    Long ChampLong ChampLong champ

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    "Oh I just saw you naked" Scott (very jovially) to Lindsay Price.

    "Just what I want to hear the minute I walk into a party." Lindsay Price feigning modesty and decency (from Lipstick Lesbian, Mamary Mafia, Cashmere Jungle, whatever show she is on that nobody is watching, that we watched once only because Leven was guest-starring)

    "Well if you are so offended maybe you shouldn't have posed in Esquire Magazine for a story titled, "My First Nude Photo Shoot." Scott said, as we walked away.

    So began our night at Longchamps!

    As we disentangled ourselves from our first encounter, we made our way to the bar and had a bit of POP Champagne. Pity we could not stay long as the crowd was amazing and the space was beautiful. In our fleeting visit, we spotted Susan Sarandon and that "actress" daughter of hers, Michael Klug (wallpaper), Lynn Yeager and Mickey Boardman (paper magazine), Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl), Keith Lissner, George Wayne, Julianne Moore, Diane Kruger, Douglas Marshall, David X. Prutting, Kelly Cutrone and Brooke Shields all swaying to the sounds of Paul Sevigny.

    After a cocktail and a bit of gossip, we headed for the door and literally ran into Emma Snowdon-Jones and Olivia Palermo. We air kissed and then were handed our "gift bag" which consisted of some sort of wallet which, by the size of it, looks like it could hold an antidepressant and possibly a stick of gum. Whatever happened to the good gift bags? We digress.

    Our next stop was the rooftop of the Dream Hotel. We were meeting our love Susie Castillo and her strapping husband Matthew Leslie. Susie is in town promoting her book, Confidence is Queen. She's been making the rounds and appeared on everything from Today, TRL (her old home), to the Donnie Deustsch show. The press tour is over and they are heading back to LA. We met to toast her success and say goodbye-for now. Crossing our fingers, hoping she gets that New York soap!

    Next on our agenda was the Vitamin water party at Hudson Terrace. The DJ was Samantha Ronson and we were really hoping to see some girl on girl action with Lohan. We got to the party and headed to the upstairs VIP section. The minute we walked in, we were thrilled to see a pod of our friends, Keenya Nicole Hill, Sabrina Hulz, Adis Gutic and sis Anela, Eren Pamir, Tara Church, Stephanie Wei, Eli Mizrahi, Yuval Eder, Maggio Cipriani and Briana Swanson. We all sort of had a "what are we doing here" expression on our faces as the crowd was mixed with business men and thugs, but then 50 Cent's performance began. We never actually thought we would be singing, In Da Club, in an actual nightclub with 50 Cent Live! (check that off our bucket list!)

    After 50's performance, we grabbed the two hottest chicks we could get our hands on, Keenya and Sabrina, and headed to Butter. We were wary because it was Monday, the beginning of the week, and a school night, so we didn't stay long. We said hi to all our favorites, Bin, Sherry Cosovic, Allan Singman and Richie Akiva and bolted. Another great night....