Celebrating Bamberger's Birthday

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 26, 2008

    Izzy Gold and Scott BuccheitGo HERE for more pictures by Scott and Naeem.

    Yesterday was the birthday of one of our most amazing and special friends, the beautiful sex pot, Ford model, Jessica Bamberger (aka bambam). We started the night off with dinner and drinks at new hotspot Crispo in Chelsea. There we dined on some of the city's best carb-packed food (We passed on most of it!). We find it amazing that models really do eat.

    At dinner we were joined by some of our dearest friends. Andre Brown, another Ford Model and his fab fiance Latoya Scott, Ford model booker, the always lovely Grace Brea and her guy Alan Singman, the sexy Brazilian, Jackie Marie and her handsome boyfriend Tyler Siegel , and David Yurman's own Carrie Baker! We also met some newbies sex kitten Erica Chu, Zack Bliss, Calvin Klein's Kate Crasweller and the adorable Kim and Larry.

    After a long and fantastic dinner, we sang happy birthday...twice. (the funniest part of the night was when we spied a waiter carrying over a desert with a candle on it, all 20 of us broke into happy birthday until the waiter veered to another table). Lucio Salvatore joined us after his own dinner, and we were off to the designated after party at the always chic Goldbar.

    At Goldbar, we joined up with our favorite brother sister duo, the coolest kids in town, Francesco Civetta (aka Izzy Gold) and Cristina Civetta, Francesco was very excited to tell us about his upcoming music video currently shooting. We can't wait to see it. Like true club professionals, we danced the night away to the hot tunes that Goldbar had to offer, and actually were able to sneak some shots inside. (after two warnings we put the camera away) Toward the end of the night we hung out with our boy Arthur Boujenah and his fiance Erin Becker. The party moved to Upstairs but we had enough and headed to bed. Another great night.