Scott At Delicatessen, Catherine Fulmer's And Sephora's 10th Anniversary

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 18, 2008

    Scott and Naeem Do Delicatessen

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    "Remember that time I ran out of money?" Lydia Heart Shaw "What, had every bank in North America failed?" Scott "No, I meant cash in my purse silly!" Lydia

    And so went our night last night. It seems to us that New York is all about money, making it, having it and keeping it. We certainly saw our share spread around last night.

    We began our night at the opening of Delicatessen sponsored by Interview Magazine featuring a Polaroid photo exhibit by Terry Richardson. We were invited by our good friend Susan Kilkenny, who just started at Interview, but couldn"t find her through the crowd.

    Scott and Naeem Do DelicatessenScott and Naeem Do DelicatessenScott and Naeem Do Delicatessen

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    We wandered around the space, ran into our friend Lorenzo Martone, spotted Terry Richardson across the room and waved to Patrick McMullan. The space was beautiful but the open doors did nothing to help the air conditioning and we were shiny and sweaty in minutes.

    We then headed over to Gramercy Yoo by Phillipe Starck for the Catherine Fulmer cocktail party and sample sale. By this time we were very steamy and hoping for some real air conditioning. Unfortunately that was not to be. The party was held in a gorgeous penthouse apartment, rumored to be going for a cool 11 million dollars. It featured two patios and someone seemed to think keeping the doors open was a good idea. Bad idea number two was having one bartender for an already hot crowd. Despite those little flaws we had a great time and it was a great event.

    The event was hosted by Alessandra Balazs, Annie Churchill, Antonia Thompson, Ashley Wick, Chessy,Wilson, Genevieve Bahrenburg, Holly Doran, Holly Lang,Rebecca Guinness and Serena Merriman. When we first saw the invite with all those girls we actually thought it was the guest list! We were meeting Gillian Hearst Simonds and found her on the patio, trying to keep herself cool. Inside we spied the people one comes to expect at these events and we mixed and mingled with Liam McMullan, Alessandra Balasz, Sarah Basille, Timo Weiland, Byrdie Bell, Eric Richman and Kristian Laliberte.

    Naeem Delbridge

    Next stop was dinner at the Gramercy Park Hotel restaurant, Wakiya. We, along with Gillian, met up with Sparrow for cocktails and after Gillian"s long time friend Daniel Montalto joined us for dinner. The food was exceptional, especially the soup dumplings, as were the drinks. Time really got away from us and we finally bounded out of there close to 11pm and we still had one more stop.

    Our final stop for the evening was the 10th anniversary party for Sephora at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. We missed the performances by Ashanti and Natasha Bedingfield but were in time to hang out with our favorite Sephora cover girl Lydia Hearst Shaw. We got to the VIP area and joined her along with Jasen Kaplan, Sabrina Huls, Michelle Egerts, Timo Weiland, Kristian Laliberte, Michael Barclay, Yann Vasnier and Chance Yeh. Samantha Ronson was DJ-ing and our favorite mess, Lindsay Lohan, was there cheering her "alledged" girlfriend on. Bigger Mess, Mom, Dina Lohan was there to support the happy couple. The gift bags, weren"t bags at all, but professional make up cases that guests were allowed to fill up with sephora products sprinkled through the event. We debated with Timo about going to 1OAK but calmer heads prevailed and we headed home. Another great night....

    PS-those little cards Lydia and Gillian are holding are the membership cards for the upcoming Eldridge-Lucky girls!