Scott Does Fuerzabruta And Gusto

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · August 15, 2008


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    Half naked people, water everywhere, house music and confetti. No is not another night at our apartment but Fuerzabruta! We caught the show the other night. Although it definitely has a sense of deja vu to anybody who's seen Delaguarda, there is enough originality to recommend it. The crowd really enjoyed it, especially when the huge fish tank with the swimming girls was lowered to the point where you could actually touch it. If you go we recommend comfortable shoes, as you stand for over an hour and don't wear anything you don't mind getting wet.


    More photos and story below:

    FuerzabrutaAfterwards we met a bunch of friends at gusto for dinner. Anthony Lapaglia was there enjoying dinner at one table and we chatted with Amanda Hearst who was having dinner at another. After one too many drinks we decided a nightcap was in order at one of our favorite spots-Rose Bar.