Scott At The Janice Dickinson Premiere Party At Nikki Beach

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · August 27, 2008

    janice dickinson [Janice Dickinson with Naeem]

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    We are still recovering, not just from last night, but the last four days. our good friend, and living legend, Janice Dickinson was in town. She not only looks ageless, but she has the energy of five eight year olds! Contrary to what anyone else says, she is the most caring, loyal and loving person we know. She called us on Saturday to let us know that she was in town and we have been non-stop ever since. We hit all the hot spots: Indochine, Butter, 10ak and Rose Bar.

    janice dickinson partyjanice dickinson partyjanice dickinson party

    More story and photos below:

    Last night was the premiere party for her show, "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" at Nikki Beach. the twist of this season is that Janice moves in the house with the models and the resulting mayhem that ensues. Janice was the hostess of the party and she really played her part. She laughed, chatted and posed for about 1,000 pictures with friends and fans. After speeches were made and pictures were taken, we hung out, chatted and danced with Janice, her son (and producer) the very hot Nathan Fields and his girl (and show stylist) Carly.

    janice dickinson partyWe were also happy that our friend John Paul-Calderon made the trip as well. Some of you may know John Paul-Calderon from his stint on survivor. He joined Janice's show on the second season and made headlines when he came out on the show. He's a really sweet man and obviously hot as well.

    After the craziness of the week we headed back to Janice's suite to wind down. We chatted for a bit and said our sad goodbyes. Another amazing night out.