Slap On Your Spandex And Dance! Helen Allen Hosts 4th Annual PULSE Contemporary Art Fair Party

by Chelsea Burcz · March 9, 2009

    Adira Amram[Photos by CHANCE YEH for PMc]

    Contemporary art host Helen Allen held the 4th edition of PULSE New York, with 95 galleries representing 26 countries at Hudson River Park's Pier 40. Artists and art lovers came together Friday night at the Hotel on Rivington Penthouse to celebrate the eccentric art with a performance that was as sweaty as it was entertaining. Instead of the typical hoity-toity affair, the contemporary artists engaged in a dance work out routine in none other than neon spandex and leotards...

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    The artists certainly had reason to celebrate. Even though the art world has been flipped upside down due to the economic crisis, some artists were still able sell their stuff. The Mark Moore Gallery was able to sell 12 of the 16 paintings by Allison Schulnik priced between $2,500 and $25,000, a tremendous success.

    Adira AmramDanielle Horn, Debbie Carslaw, Nessie Stonebridge [Adira Amram, Danielle Horn, Debbie Carslaw, Nessie Stonebridge]

    Autumn Tarleton, Helen Toomer, Stacey FosterMelissa Widhson [Autumn Tarleton, Helen Toomer, Stacey Foster, Melissa Widhson]

    Helen Toomer, Helen AllenHelen Allen [Helen Toomer, Helen Allen]

    Beatrice Campa, Larissa BowarldaMonique Bourgea, Andy Cushman [Beatrice Campa, Larissa Bowarlda, Monique Bourgea, Andy Cushman]

    Adira AmramAdira Amram [Adira Amram]