A Speakeasy Within A Speakeasy?! The Lab Is NYC's Electrifying New Date Night Spot

by Una O'Brien-Taubman · October 7, 2020

    Haven't been on a real in-person date since March? Craving a cozy night out with your closest friends? Just desperate for a cocktail? The Lab at Patent Pending is just the spot.  

    Tucked away in a hidden cavern of the historic Radio Wave building and connected to the cult favorite speakeasy Patent Pending, The Lab is buzzing with good vibes and just about as intimate as you can get. Inspired by Nikola Tesla, the iconic inventor who once called the building home, The Lab will transport you back in time to when speakeasies were the life spark of the city. 

    Boasting two bartending stations, the space is designed to keep their award winning drinks flowing. Feeling adventurous? Try their Electric Messiah, inspired by the eccentric genius of Tesla himself, or the Impossible Idea. The menu is delightfully separated into categories to fit whatever mood you may be in, with handmade drawings and sketches detailing all of the drinks. And of course, there's plenty more than just liquid indulgences to be had. I'd personally recommend their gourmet grilled cheese, the perfect dance floor fuel.

    Wander in and grab a seat at the bar or cozy spot in the corner and delight in the best new soon-to-be-not-so secret spot in town. 

    The Lab, 49 West 27th Street

    [Photos via Rachel Vanni]