Socialista Set To Unleash A New Exclusive Diner So We Can Enjoy Our Comfort Foods More Comfortably

by Rachelle Hruska · October 1, 2008


    In keeping with our week's theme (the revival of BUNGALOW 8), we would like to take a moment to catch you up on the whereabouts of one of the stars of the old Bungee, Armin Armiri.  Armin's Socialista lounge sent schools of socials swimming to the West Side.  Unlike many of his rivals, Armin chose to make the upstairs room the uber-exclusive, door-managed area, instead of the basement which he made a cafe, open to the mortals.  Oftimes, this is not the case  (think La Esquina, Martignetti's, Kingswood, Butter, subMercer etc.)  And now, word on the street is Armin is ready for a change.

    Taking cues from his contemporaries, Armin has decided it's time to make the whole joint exclusive, not just the upstairs. So, he's converting the recently closed basement cafe into an exclusive diner (ala Florent), which will be a "24 hour diner, but from 11pm to 4 am, it's going to be guest list only."

    I want to know if costumes will be encouraged on opening night, because if so, I will obviously have no problems at the door.

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