Socializing At Southside: Hey Mr. DJ!

by Rachelle Hruska · October 7, 2008

    [James Willis shows off new DJ booth at Southside]

    Leading up to the highly anticipated opening of Southside in the basement of Martignetti's on Broome Street we will share another tease with you: the DJ Booth.

    The DJ Booth at Bella's was always the site of much unnecessary nightlife drama, and we were all wondering what the new one was going to look like.  This photo is about 30% of the full picture...because games are fun, we purposely have cropped the photo so as to leave you guessing about where it sits (HINT: it's moved on from the stair case by the bar).  You also get a taste of the decor... palm trees and a molded ceiling.  There is so much more to come from Southside this week. Stay tuned.

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