Spiegelworld: It's Like The Box Relocated And Went Outdoors

by Rachelle Hruska · August 13, 2008

    Spiegelworld 2008It's Spiegelworld Time!!! And, EVERYONE is talking about the event. Myself being a virgin to the madness that is the Spiegeltent, I'll have to rely on the reports of others.  And, from what I can gather from the information at hand, is that it is like someone took The Box, picked it up and shook it upside down and then dumped out its contents on the Southstreet seaport.  Oh, and added food.

    It's the Box without the doormen and actual food to eat while being entertained by wacky stunts?

    Just what exactly is a spiegeltent, you ask? Well, tents like these once roamed Europe like a traveling circus, setting up and performing around the Continent. But with walls made of dark wood and stained glass ("spiegel" is German for mirror), the spiegeltent is far more ornate than the traditional American big top. [NY Post]