Spontaneous Music Concerts At Rose Bar, Obama At 1Oak, Thursday Night's Are Back In Business!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 23, 2009

    2009 has been off to a slow start.  But, with inaugural parties finally ending, and people still ready to celebrate CHANGE, there are new treats in NYC nightlife land...Today, a couple of tips came in about an impromptu concert that several musician/patron's of Rose Bar partook in.  Specifically, we heard that our favorite Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction started rocking out with Adam Green, and others.

    Also, remember it was the Koch Brother's first night taking over the reigns at 1Oak.  We had some people stop by to check out the scene that was: "Shoulder to shoulder deep.  The night was a definite success.  Oh and the bull had an 'Obama' hat on top of his head!"

    [Perry Farrell, The Reason Jane's Addiction Is Always In Style] [Koch Brothers Take On 1Oak]