Stop The Presses: Nightclub Owners Are Sleazy, Enjoy Cocaine

by BILLY GRAY · March 8, 2010

    A local cocktail waitress is suing a club owner for $3.5 million after he snorted cocaine off her shoulder. She spared herself further indignity by refusing to accommodate a rump bump. But this happened at Quo, so there was little face to save.

    Former "coke-tail" waitress Nicole Slama alleges that Quo co-owner Gary Malhotra cornered her in the club's storage closet back in 2007, asked to do a bump off her butt and, persistent if nothing else, settled for a hit off her shoulder after she demurred.

    Slama was a student struggling to pay the bills when she took the Quo job. In an age-old story of New York's sordid, corrupting underbelly, things went south. Namely, toward Bolivia. According to the Post:

    "On her first shift, she made $500 -- but she also started hearing rumors that the owners often used the manager's office "as a place to do cocaine and to have sex with employees and guests."

    Malhotra says Slama's claims  are unsubstantiated and that she's a "disgruntled employee who was fired and who's seeking monetary grain."

    Regardless of how the suit plays out, I think we can all agree the most shocking detail to emerge from it is that Quo is still open.