SubMercer, The New "Upstairs"; Downstairs

by Rachelle Hruska · March 19, 2008

    submercerSo the hard to find, posh bar in the basement of the Mercer hotel has reopened and set everyone talking. So far, the best party we heard about was last Friday night when socialites such as Lauren Santo Domingo, Margherita Missoni and Derek Blasberg headed down after a night at the Waverly to be amongst the smoking shroom-goers. If crazy nights filled with socialites and shrooms aren't convincing, the adventure in finding the place in itself should be:

    "To get there, pass the Mercer Hotel (no. 147) and enter a little nook in the wall (no. 147 1/2). You'll know you're there when you see two unassuming henchmen hanging out in front of a doorway—just walk on by and enter the industrial freight elevator. Two floors underground, cruise down a long dark hallway stocked with bathroom supplies, turn left, pass the boiler room and then turn right through a heavy red door. One more hallway filled with wine and the faint sounds of lounge music will lead you to the promised land." [Urban Daddy]

    SubMercer is sure to be the spot of a couple scandalous nights for us this spring, and as NY Mag put it: "So Soho loungers now have a choice between Upstairs and downstairs. Good to have options."