SunSETS Fridays At Hudson Terrace

by Haute Nights · June 28, 2012

    It’s 7pm on a Friday and I’m watching the sun set on the Hudson River from the Hudson Terrace rooftop. I can’t believe what’s going on around me. A 4AM DJ is playing house music at deafening levels. Bikini clad go-go dancers are moving to the beats on top of speakers. Sparklers and bottle parades head towards one table. Models sip champagne at another. The place is packed with beautiful people and a rock guitarist starts jamming along to the house beats.

    Shaun Rose and Alex Glen have teamed up with 4AM and Nate Maus this summer. They’ve managed to lure The Runaway Group and The Bespoke Group to headline an all star promotional team.

    As I dodged flying beach balls and dancing party goers I managed to pull Nate(Maus) away from assisting Kirill (Of in giving a champagne facial. I talked with him about what went into making this epic weekly event.

    HN: With the popularity of party brunches at a all time high, it seems like people are looking for options outside of the typical midnight-4am parties. What was the philosophy that went into creating Hudson's Sunset fridays?

    Nate: “We looked around and really realized the New York nightlife scene is essentially the same everywhere you go with a few exceptions. It's the same DJ's, the same lights, the same nights and times every week, the same social posturing, etc. We wanted to create something completely different that was really centered on people just having a great time.”

    HN: What kind of atmosphere can people expect from these events?

    Nate: “SunSETS is all about beautiful people letting go and having fun. If you're not coming to have fun and get crazy, it may not be the party for you.”

    HN: What separates your party from the rest of what's being offered in NYC right now?

    Nate: “Purpose & Passion. Everyone here from the servers and managers to the promoters and DJ's are really passionate about just making this a great party. It gets back to the core of why we're all really in this business -- It's a hell of a lot of fun when you do it with the right people”

    I let Nate get back to work and I headed over to The Runaway Group’s table. As I arrive Rogelio (Castillo) started spraying champagne from atop of one of the couches. I asked him about why he decided to bring his crowd uptown for this event. He replied,

    “Why did Shaun Rose from Hudson Terrace approach me? I have no idea, I am not that cool or fun” he joked. “At first I was a bit surprised they wanted to go THERE (Day Party). I immediately asked, who was involved, he mentioned himself, Nate and 4AM. So my next question was what do you want from us?” “His answer Make it an awesome fun party” “With Nate and Shaun on top of this and 4AM bringing great music, it’s a perfect formula. If you haven’t been to our party then you have no idea what you are missing.”

    After chatting with Rogelio, I headed over to “The Bespoke Group’s” table. I chatted with Cody Pruitt about what made his team get involved.

    Cody said,

    “Basically we were hesitant to go so far uptown. We already have our party at Double Seven during normal club hours. When word got us that Kirill was jumping onboard, we took the chance. It's really paid off, and is now potentially the closest thing to the movie "Project X" that we've been involved in. Pure, unadulterated fun, in every sense of the word, with zero pretension while maintaining a great crowd.”

    The atmosphere in the room was amazingly high energy for such an early party. If you’re looking for a way to kick start your night on a Friday you can’t do any better than this from 6-10PM. My advice is to get on board before it’s too late. This party is just reaching its prime.

    Sean is a blogger and nightlife promoter at various venues throughout the city. If you would like more info about this party feel free to email him at or contact any of the aforementioned promoters.

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