SuperJew Justin Ross Lee Bans Yentas From His Party

by BILLY GRAY · March 5, 2010

    Justin Ross Lee enjoys themes parties almost as much as he enjoys glomming onto celebrities. First came a Jersey Shore beauty pageant. And tonight there's "Schmucks and Shiksas," where a rabbi and nun will enforce a guest list limited to nice Jewish boys and the gentile ladies who love them.  The bash goes down at the Hudson Hotel. Expect it to look like what Woody Allen dreams about every night. "Hosted by NYC's biggest schmuck, JRL" there will gold-digging Jesus freaks and yarmulke-wearing schlubs galore. Of course, the party won't actually exclude uncircumcised goyim men or women named Devorah (although we wouldn't mind it in certain cases). That's what country clubs in Westchester are for! But at least dress the part: Lily Pulitzer for the broads, '90s jeans and white sneakers for the fellas.

    And, bonus! New photos of JRL hanging out with the Jersey Shore cast!

    JRL with both Snooki and The Situation