Swimming With Sharks NY vs Swimming With Sharks LA

by Mara Siegler · June 17, 2011

    Fool's Gold launched their Swimming with Sharks party in New York last weekend at Le Bain. The group has been throwing the same party at the Standard LA and GofG Los Angeles has been on hand to cover it. Let's take a look at the difference between a NY and LA pool party.

    NY: Pool is inside.  Guests carry umbrellas indoors...just in case. It's been a rainy season so far. You can never be too prepared.

    LA: The pool is outside.  Predictable, traditional, possibly even played out?

    Score: LA 1. Sunshine beats roofed enclosure every time.

    NY: Makeshift pool forces close interaction and entangling of bodies.

    LA: Properly built pool is adult-sized and offers distance between bodies.

    Point: NY. We're used to lack of space and know how to use that to our advantage. Also, LA's pool lacks creativity, a certain level of chutzpah.

    New York: The weather forces guests to cover up to keep from shivering.

    LA: It's even too hot for bathing suits.

    Point: LA. Sorry, illegal nudity always wins.

    NY: Chis summer style. Cute hats, sunglasses indoors. No one is letting the gray skies get them down.

    LA: What? Fur in the hot sun? Ke$ha called and said you are trying way too hard. Way too hard. And blankets? Weak. What is it, 85 degrees?

    Point: NY. Just look at the pictures.

    Final Score: NY 2, LA 2. It's a tie. But there is a chance for New Yorkers to break it this summer and show LA what's up. Le Bain will be holding the party on Saturdays.

    [NY Swimming with Sharks images via Village Voice]