The Beatrice Inn: Where Are They Now?

by Chiara Atik · November 1, 2010

    The three co-owners of The Beatrice Inn are behind some of the biggest nightclub openings of 2010: Matt Abramcyk's The Bunker, Andre Saraiva's heavily anticipated Le Baron Chinatown, and of course Paul Sevigny's epic Don Hill's. So where are the other ex-Beatrice regulars hanging out these days?-

    It seems like hardly a club can open in New York without earning the epithet "The New Beatrice", however, a look at our chart shows that there really isn't a new Beatrice: the regulars of the original have split off into some pretty distinct clubs. And while there is certainly some crossover (Boom Boom fanatics will go to Don Hill's for a concert, Jane regulars will head to Boom Boom for an especially good party), there really is no single place in New York that caters to all the demographics that The Beatrice was somehow able to.

    Of course, it's too early to cast judgment on Le Baron--we'll check back in November for that. In the meantime, here's a look at the breakdown:

    Le Bain:

    The sexy, cool, and often French crowd hang out here. It's the younger, edgier alternative to The Boom Boom Room. Andre Saraiva, Olivier Zahm, and Annabelle Dexter-Jones spent much of the summer frolicking here. Of course, we fully expect this crowd to move downtown once Saravia's Le Baron opens.

    The Bunker:

    Matt Abramcyk's subeterranean addition to the Meatpacking District, which was named Best New Nightlife Discover by Blackbook Magazine. Check out our pictures from inside HERE.

    The Boom Boom Room:

    No one throws a party like Andre Balazs at The Boom Boom Room. It's the spot for movie premieres and fashion parties.

    Don Hill's:

    Sevigny's revamping of Don Hill's had one of the most epic nightlife openings ever this past Fashion Week, and the grungy divebar quickly became a favorite of low key, hipster celebrities like Josh Hartnett and Mickey Rourke.

    Rose Bar:

    Nur Khan's sleek bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel is often the location of elite private concerts. Beatrice regular Jamie Burke goes there.


    Dabney Mercer used to be a Beatrice Inn regular, back in the good ol'days. Now she's more often than not accompanying her sister Tinsley to red carpet appearances at the newly opened Lavo.

    The Jane:

    The Jane is probably the closest thing to The Beatrice these days, at least in celebrity anonymity, though it's not quite as wild as the original. Mary-Kate Olsen is just one of the A-list regulars.

    Go here for a closer look at the Beatrice Inn crew, circa 2008.

    [Photos of Mary-Kate and Kirsten Dunst by Terry Richardson]

    Rehab: We're not saying it was the Beatrice Inn's influence that sent Lindsay Lohan and Kirsten Dunst to rehab. We're just saying it probably didn't help.