The Eldridge According To Barfly....Let The Reviews Begin

by Rachelle Hruska · September 4, 2008

    the eldridge cardsThe Eldridge is FINALLY open and Barfly was one of the lucky few to score a card.  James has already gone and has posted his review on the place today (solid thumbs up!)  The uber exclusive hot spot, opened by Matt Levine has been under all sorts of scrutiny on the web the last few months and decided to opt for a "soft opening" of sorts instead of the typical pr-driven hard one.  A valid point Barfly makes:

    "Back when Bungalow opened – blogs didn’t exist. A club could open, an owner could give a few interviews, and people would be excited at the chance of getting in. Imagine the horrible things that would be left as “comments” if Ms. Sacco participated in the interweb in the early (and far superior) days of West Chelsea."

    More from review below:

    "And, we’re happy to see that the focus is clearly not on bottle service. An extensive (and delicious) cocktail list, delectable chocolates, intricate Absinthe table service – there is plenty going on here that is far and above schlepping a bottle of Grey Goose to a table of thirsty lawyers."

    Scott and Naeem are on the West coast, but I can't wait for them to give us their recap on the place when they return.

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    [Photo via DBTH]