The Eldridge...Setting DBTH Straight

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · July 23, 2008

    But here's a little juice you didn't. Thanks to another superstar Little Birdy, we learn that "Cole Bernard the owner/partner of the famed club Runway is an investor/partner in The Eldridge. -DBTH

    Well Congratulations Scott Solish! You got it wrong again! I just spoke with Matt Levine. Not only is Cole Bernard not an investor/partner in the Eldridge, he is not even one in Runway either. His involvement in the Eldridge is simply ordering alcohol for Matt Levine. The owners are Matt Levine and two professional athletes who would like to remain silent partners.

    I love how you want to impugn the integrity of others and then just print fairy tales and half truths. And as for you and all the other sites, keep the vitriol coming. You/they are not the target audience and will be standing on the sidelines. You are probably the same people who complained about the Waverly and couldn't wait for it to shut down. Last night at our dinner at the Waverly, we shared a toast for you and your comrades who were outside on the sidewalks.