The Fascinating History Of The Vodka Red Bull

by Stephanie Maida · October 29, 2018

    There are few cocktails more notorious for getting you #fratboywasted in the trashiest way possible than the Vodka Red Bull. Akin to the now defunct Four Loko craze, the combination of caffeine and hard liquor has garnered quite a reputation in the bar world, serving as both nightmare fuel and party necessity, depending on who you ask.

    Well, MEL Magazine asked just about everyone, from the very first bartenders who poured it to the ones who fought to keep it off the menu, in an attempt to outline the official rise of the energy drink concoction.

    As writer Haley Hamilton perfectly explains, "The problem [with Vodka Red Bull]? Just because you don’t feel wasted, you are. Big time. Your hangover the next day will let you know. And possibly where you wake up, because it might be jail."

    Head to MEL for the full, fascinating oral history.

    [Photo via @movida_disco_food]