The Griffin Unleashes Their New Cocktail Menu:

by Rachelle Hruska · May 5, 2009

    Cinco de Mayo kicks off the launch of The Griffin “cocktail hour”, which will be open EVERYDAY at 530pm. "We have the added element of specialty cocktails, brought to you by the talent behind iconic New York cocktail bars, Milk & Honey and Little Branch." Click below for the full cocktail menu that is being unleashed tonight at the Griffin...

    The Griffin nightclub will be open every Tuesday through Saturday, 11pm-4am. Also, we hear that the club is applying for their cabaret license which means we can be expecting dancers and performers at Griffin ala Cain.

    Below is the list of specialty cocktails..

    Fortune 50: Light & Aged rum, mint, lime, Rosewater & Champagne on crushed ice

    Applejack Cocktail: Fresh Apple juice, lemon and Applejack served up Frantic

    Atlantic: Elderflower, fresh Grapefruit & Pisco over crushed ice

    Old Fashioned: Bourbon, sugar & bitters

    French ‘75: Gin or Cognac, lemon & Champagne

    El Diablo: Tequila, house made Ginger Beer, Cherry & lime

    West Coast Gimlet: Vodka, lime & Cointreau served up

    Polly Cocktail: Gin, Pomegranate & lime served up

    Louisiana Purchase: Cognac, lemon & honey on the rocks

    Bobby Burns: Glenmorangie 18yr old, Sweet Vermouth and Benedictine served on the rocks

    Manhattan De Luxe: Hirsch 22yr old Rye, Sweet Vermouth & bitters

    Anejo Old Fashioned: El Tesoro Paradiso 5yr Anejo, Agave & bitters

    Flushing Cocktail: Hennessy XO, Sweet Vermouth & bitters

    Please Note: All syrups are made on premises and all juices are squeezed in house daily