The Guest Of A Guest Holiday Party At Bungalow 8

by Rachelle Hruska · December 17, 2008

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    "It was just like the old days." This was the best compliment I heard all day regarding our Guest of a Guest holiday party last night at Bungalow 8. Okay so only a handful of our guests last night were even around to see the real old days of Bungalow 8, but it might as well have been my first time there, it was that magical.  EVERYONE was there.  (Except DBTH which I'll excuse because he bid me merry holidays via email and Emily Brill who I'll also excuse because I ran into her at Rose Bar later on and she was genuinely nice).  On to the party:

    More story and photos below:

    The place sparkled!  Literally.  Good old Bungie had a major makeover for the holidays and had lights shining everywhere.  Around 7:00 I decided to get my makeup done at the station that had been set up for the night.  Ruby Red lips.  I started to get nervous because I thought people weren't going to make it out on account of the horrible weather.  However, as the night progressed I realized that, thankfully, you all are much more brave than I am on nights like these.

    So many people showed up that I thought Ari was going to lose his marbles at the door.  Thankfully he manned that entire situation so I could Mix Mingle and Jingle with guests.

    For me, last night was the culmination of the entire year of hard work and team effort.  I could not have dreamt of a better night, a better venue, or a better crowd to celebrate the season. For this post I am refusing to mention any names of people there, you will have to go to one of the many galleries to take a gander at that.  Instead I will spend the rest of my time thanking everyone for making last night possible.

    Thank you to our fabulous party planners, Stella Rankin, Bridget Fleming, and Ari Cohen.  Stella's company A5E is the best in town as far as party planning goes.  Thanks to Makeup Mania and Roni Sue Chocolate Shoppe for providing us with makeup and chocolates, the two essential things to any good party....besides the alcohol of course.  Big thanks to 1947 Beer and Chopin Vodka for serving us some holiday cocktails.  DJ Suhel upstairs...your tunes were awesome!

    Also, thank you to you, our readers.  To our team of people here in the office including Chris, Kendra, Ari, Maggie, and Carolina; to our publishers, our contributors, our online friends, our gchat buddies, and our photographers who, even at THEIR own holiday party, opted to snap pics.  Keith Lissner, the best designer I know, thank you for the beautiful feather gown to wear and for always dressing me in the finest dresses. Thank you to my family (if you're reading) for trying to understand my job and for getting my room ready, now that the partying is (almost) over, I can't wait to come home for Christmas.  I love you all!