The New Way To Party: Cerebral Ballzy Is Ballzy As Hell

by Chelsea Burcz · February 9, 2009

    Cerebral BallzyTired of sitting at a bar or club with the same DJ playing the same lame electro-pop songs every night? Add some punk to your party and see Cerebral Ballzy (aka CBC), they will be sure to knock some sense into you... or out of you. Cerebral Ballzy, five unsuspecting gentlemen, have brought back something golden to New York City's nightlife - guts. Their music is reminiscent of the 80's skate punk era with their lead singer Honor Titus's rough, throaty screaming over intense, thrasher riffs. Expect a trip to the hospital instead of an after party, this crew's crowd is as fiery and passionate as their music...

    [Photo via Drew McKenzie]

    The group got together this fall almost by accident.  After a long day of skating the guys jammed out in bassist Mel Honore's garage. Mason Orfalea and Jason Bannon, two guys from the west coast and current NYU students got on guitar and wild man Crazy Abe took on the drums. The on-the-spot jam sessions started as a joke with songs like "Shit Rag" (I'll leave it to your imagination what that little tune is about), and just after a few weeks the guys wanted to take it one step further - they were ready to take the stage. Their first show at Pianos with Ninjasonik as a wild success and the boys have been touring around New York and the east coast area ever since.

    Cerebral Ballzy

    Cerebral Ballzy [lead singer Honor Titus chips a tooth during his performance]

    Cerebral Ballzy [Crowd at a CBC show at Chief's Bodega in Brooklyn]

    Cerebral Ballzy [Guitarist Mason Orfalea]