The Standard Gets Lit With Artist Chris Johanson

by Mara Siegler · April 22, 2011

    As a nicotine addict I miss the days where every restaurant and bar had its own branded matches. Not only were they functional, they served as a reminder of your night-as a memento and also in a "I drank so much I have no idea what happened last..what's this? OMG-I was there!?!?" sense. Leave it to The Standard to bring back this long lost relic in the coolest way possible.

    Chris Johanson has created the artwork for three of the hotel's locations: Miami, Hollywood, and our own New York. Each city has its own theme, with the Big Apple's depicting the hotel as a sanctuary from the hustle of the city.

    Chris has had his work at the Whitney, won San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's SECA Art Award, and earned critical cred in the art world for his paintings and street art. Those of you who frequent Standards around the country may recognize his work as that seen on the Hollywood hotel's blanket.

    Even if your not one to be found at the Top of The Standard's outdoor smoker's hallway looking down through the glass as you drag on your European cigarette, you'll want to try and pick up a pack of these matches anyway.  His paintings sell for a ton of money and his Standard blanket is set at $280. This is a chance for you to own a Chris Johanson piece for free.

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