The Standard Roof, The Standard Roof, The Standard Roof Is On Fire

by BILLY GRAY · June 15, 2010

    The latest addition to the Standard's bar scene is a roof deck that looks like a campground picnic site crossed with John Waters' fantasy living room. Add a bird's eye view of downtown Hoboken and you can expect the summer's toughest elevator door.

    Maybe Standard bearers should have thought twice before renaming Boom Boom Room Top of the Standard, because the name is now a baldfaced lie. But the place atop the Top of the Standard could still come in handy as an escape route for patrons wanting to soar even higher above the peons waiting on the street for entree into the world's most expensive airport lounge bar and what some consider the most exclusive watering hole in New York.

    According to Urban Daddy, the venue will soft open tonight for private parties (uh huh) and begin offering sunset champagne toasts to the chosen Aryan children later this week.

    Assuming you make it past the ground-level bouncers, you climb a staircase through Boom Boom to reach the turfgrass summit. Atop the stairs is a condom machine. Beyond it lie  pink waterbeds. This is not a good combination, particularly for the innocent passersby below.

    Photo via UrbanDaddy