There's A New Italian Wine Bar Hidden Behind A Deli...

by Stephanie Maida · October 22, 2021

    ...And, uh, need we say more?

    OK, yes, we guess we do. 

    The next time you feel the need to impress someone without too much of a fuss, ONE19 Wine Bar is your answer. The relaxed destination, from the team behind Char Sue, may be located behind a deli on Essex Street, but it's purposely trying to shrug off the to-do of the whole "speakeasy" thing. Its motto? "Less speakeasy, more drinkeasy."

    "We’re in the back of a deli. No secret knocks or phone numbers to get in though. Just head on back and see ya at the bar," reads its website. We like this place already.

    Serving up a range of wines (labeled by type, terroir, and organic status), ONE19 is a wine lover's wine bar without being snooty about it. There's an impressive flight available for tasting as well as an innovative temperature controlled tap system that keeps the wine uber fresh while reducing waste and emissions.

    And if you come for the wine (duh), you're going to want to stay for the food. Helmed by chef and co-owner Matt Rojas, the kitchen's on-theme Italian offerings include a French bread pizza with pepperoni chile spread and fontina, ricotta bruschetta with truffle honey, orange, and thyme (!!!), vegetable panini, and, as is required for a wine bar, a lovely meat and cheese plate.

    So go on and sniff this place out, but, like, don't make a big deal about it.

    [Photos via Facebook]