These Margarita Fizzers Are Basically Alcoholic Bath Bombs

by Christie Grimm · February 22, 2018

    It's International Margarita Day. And of course you've time to celebrate, but who really has time to muddle all that shit? This year, save a bartender's wrist and head to the members-only Norwood Club for an Instagrammable cocktail, to say the least.

    Just imagine: margarita bath bombs. Enough said, yeah? Brooklyn based company and creators of some of the most mind blowing alcoholic concoctions you'd never even imagine were possible, Muddling Memories, has teamed up with Norwood to offer up an exclusive set of margarita fizzers. With a total of seven flavors, including passion fruit and jalapeno, lychee and chia seeds, tomato and thyme, celery and elderflower, pickled plum and kelp tea, orange marmalade and sherry, and cayenne-chili and blackberry, you're going to want to tuck in for a long night of tasting.

    Just plop whichever fizzer you fancy into a glass filled with Patrón tequila, simple syrup, and club soda, and prepare for some 3rd-grade-class-experiment-baking-soda-and-vinegar-papier-mâché-volcano-eruption magic. Only this time, it'll get you drunk.

    [Photo via Patron]