Tim and Jason at the Re-Opening of Restaurant Casa La Femme

by TIM AND JASON · January 12, 2009

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    Though the opening night of Casa La Femme - an old UES favorite that has recently reopened it's doors in its West Village outpost, as the Egyptian restaurant and lounge with belly dancing and a hip ambiance of tented tables - was something Jason and I were excited to experience on Friday, we ended up with a fairly disappointing dinner...

    I’ll start with the positive: the busing staff was great and the hostesses sister duo of Diana and Liane were the sweetest things around. In addition we had our favorite Michigan girls, Anne Latarte and Jourdan Lawler to keep us company (please note: It’s actually a bad idea to put Michigan people together since all they end up talking about is how great a place it is).

    On to the negative side: (and it takes a lot for me to be negative) our three hour dinner, most of which we spent looking for our waiter and without drinks or food, was not a pleasant experience. To boot, the food was mediocre, and about four or five times they brought over the wrong dish.

    I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they are working out the kinks, but for right now I would say this is a place to avoid. You can’t stop us from having a good time, and so we amused ourselves as best we could. The highlights of the night included Jason trying to take pictures of the belly dancer and each time he managed to only get a shot of a different private part of her body and not her face. (he also dropped his lamb chop on the floor, so he was having a really good night!)

    Afterward, we headed to join Scott Buccheit at Amanda Hearst’s birthday party at Norwood—one of those places with no sign or marker that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a secret society or something.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention some other fun stuff last week. Jason and I were at the Greenhouse on Tuesday with Richie Rich, Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model, Justin Tranter of the group Semi-precious weapons (Good luck with the tour Justin!) and Chris Coffee for the Gotham Visionary Award. The band Sigmund Droid performed, Richie hosted and also presented the award to dance legend Rasta Thomas. Afterwards, we went to the lounge at Cipriani’s with Scott...who knew they had a little lounge upstairs? (I can’t believe I grew up here and never knew this stuff existed!)

    Jason and I are off to Lousiville, Kentucky and Istanbul, Turkey respectively for competitions this week. I wonder if there is a Turkish Guest of a Guest? Pour one out for us if you’re out at an event! Talk to you all soon and wish us luck!