Top 10 Most Detestable Things About New York Nightlife

by Sun Kersor · January 21, 2011

    From douchebagginess to annoyance, the most deplorable parts of New York excel in all levels of thufferin thuccotash suckage. Here's a pretty apt list.'s compilation of ten odious aspects of New York enumerates the worst of the worst our city provides, unapologetically so:  "If you live in NYC then you're welcome. If not, Sorry I'm not Sorry."

    From the obvious of Brooklyn concerts (#10) to the cryptic "The North East Corner of 42nd and 2nd...You either get this one or you don't" (#7) (huh??), the list offers a humorous take on this city's many banes.

    Our pick for most spot-on comes in #8. "People who wear their suits perfectly at 2:00am at Brother Jimmy's (31st and Lex)":

    "Welcome to Murray Hill. where this douceyness [sic] is not only tolerated, but embraced. The first year financial analysts, brokers and traders come in to pick up slutty marketing coordinators, grade school teachers, advertising sales assistants and assistant merchandise buyers. To make sure every girl at the bar knows they're working important finance jobs, they guys need  [sic] keep their ties tied and jackets buttoned. Hey asshole, we get it. You have a job. So does everyone. How hard is it to go across the street to your apartment at the Windsor Court and put on a t-shirt before you come drink your $4 tall boy of PBR? Maybe you are more suited for an establishment such as Tonic or J-tree."

    Another score comes in dissing the late-night cab driver before the list funnels down to overload in number one which includes "the bathroom situation at Bowery Electric (upstairs), the fact that it is always someone's pizza suddenly became $4.00 a slice."

    What do you hate most about the city?