Unleashing Maggio Cipriani, Here To Help Scott Revive Cipriani's!

by Rachelle Hruska · January 22, 2009

    Two weeks ago, on hearing the devastating news that contributor Scott Buccheit had broken up with Naeem Delbridge (The Eldridge's doorman), we started to see a somewhat silver lining in the whole mess.  Scott has assured me that his new mainstay will be his old mainstay; Cipriani's!

    Oh how much we love Cipriani's. Sure, they've had their share of troubles in the past, but with the unveiling of their latest weapon (18 year old son of Giuseppe Cipriani), Maggio Cipriani, we are ready for Cipriani's to take back the limelight, at least for the Soho-set.

    More from Maggio below:

    [Cipriani's Is Still The Best Game In Town]

    [Photos via CityFile]