Urban Cowboys (And Girls) Attend A REAL Rodeo Inside MSG!

by Chiara Atik · January 11, 2010

    Professional Bull Riders (PBR) took over Madison Square Garden this weekend, inviting New Yorkers to "get tough with the toughest sport on dirt". It was a chance for socialites, businessmen, and pampered urbanites to experience what bull riding looks like outside of Johnny Utah's.

    There's a reason Johnny Utah's on 51st street is so popular: people LOVE riding bulls. But rarely do New Yorkers get the chance to ride a real one, so its no surprise that socialites and cowboys alike came out for the PBR (that's professional bull riders, not the hipster beer) Invitational, a two day, sold out, Mutton Bustin' extravaganza.

    Lydia Hearst had the equivalent of court-side (dirtside?) seats, and enthusiastically tweeted from both days of the event.

    @LHearst Back at MSG for the PBR night two. Tonight I'm so getting on a bull...Just you wait. I've gone country :)

    Well, not THAT country. She still wore her finest New York furs...but possibly because it's the only place in New York City where she can be SURE animal rights activists won't bother her about it.

    Lydia is such a fan that she even met the world's reigning bull riding champion (above, left). And Big Mac, one of the bulls. Unfortunately, she didn't quite make good on her promise to get on him, but that's probably for the best.

    Jules Kirby, also apparently a Rodeo Fan, attended the event as well, with friends.

    Jules Kirby

    Jules Kirby, Anna Weiss

    From riding in Limos, to riding on Bulls:

    More photos from Stanley's friends at the Rodeo: