Which Two Neighborhoods Tied For Opening The Most New Bars This Year?

by Christie Grimm · December 31, 2016

    Well, the first answer may not be too much of a shocker, seeing as Williamsburg has for quite some time now kept up its momentum as a exponentially growing hood of cool kid watering holes. 

    According to the State Liquor Authority, the 11211, aka Hipster Central, saw an opening of 22 new drinking establishments this past year. Comforting news to be reminded of all the new places to frequent and explore, especially after the recent sad loss of neighborhood gem Daddy's

    The fellow NYC neighborhood that tied in this race for alcoholic development? Well, while it's not as outrageous a thought as say the Upper East Side, it's certainly a far cry from a more expected contender, like the LES or East Village. But no, it seems that good old, slow and steady wins the race Chelsea is keeping itself alive, also having seen 22 new liquor license carrying additions on the blocks.

    While for Williamsburg however, this number may be inferred as a sign of the growing community of young persons, and nightlife friendly activities - for Chelsea, a neighborhood that's sort of been on the downhill for the past few years in terms of desirability, this 22 might not be so much promising as it is grim, with even more corner store bodegas and trashy, aspirational dive bars.

    [Photo via @thewilliamvale]