Will Cordell Lochin's Blackberry Ring In 3 Years?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 28, 2008

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    [Prison Mike, Michael Scott's Prison Alter Ego] Once the cell door swings shut, Cordell's Blackberry won't be getting anymore reception anytime soon. Once a Rolodex of A-listers, holding 1500 numbers of "choice people" according to Cordell, it rang incessantly with requests from the rich and famous. Ironically, while many professionals refer to their Blackberry's as their "ball and chain", odiously keeping them ever-connected to the workplace, Cordell reveled in being constantly pinged on his vibrating square, a "ball and chain" he would no doubt trade for the new clinks he is about to don.

    Serge Becker, Cordell's partner in La Esquina and The Box, recently wrote a letter to the Judge in charge of Cordell's sentencing pleading for his quick return, and stressing others constant reliance on the Oracle of La Esquina.

    "The nature of our business is fickle and Cordell has proven himself to be the most gracious host to the city's most discerning audience. A who's who of arts and entertainment, business and government personalities have come to rely on his constant attention to their needs and seem to dial his personal number constantly for access or advice"

    Well, the world won't be standing still, and life will go on. And Cordell's social capital will evaporate in the box as quickly as The Box's popularity did. As Becker accurately stated, their business is "fickle", meaning that unless Becker and crew keep the irons hot, Cordell will be starting back at ground zero.

    Hopefully for his sake, the Oracle of La Esquina will be able to pick up the pieces, and re-enter society after paying back his debt. The one thing we suggest in the meantime is avoid Prison Mike!

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