Winos Saving The Economy. The Oenophiles Guide To NYC

by Kirby Allison · June 1, 2011

    The L.A. Times revealed that the wine industry has rebounded in the past year with an increase in domestic sales. For the first time ever, the U.S. consumed more wine than France.  Jump on the bandwagon! The following is a list of wine bars where you can confidently get your sip on and slowly bring the wine industry out of the recession glass by glass...or bottle.

    Why are we drinking more wine? Are we more concerned of having our daily two glasses of vino to prevent heart disease? Probably not. It is probably that people have finally realized it can be a  fun and low key night out.  Here's where you should head:

    Bar Boulud

    This bistro style wine bar located just across from Lincoln Center boasts both communal and private dining situations ideal for wine tasting and sampling along with their no fuss menu. With more than 500 wines to choose from, Bar Boulud will cater to both wine connoisseurs and those of us who just want to drink some adult grape juice. (Image above)


    With an almost completely Italian wine list, you can't help but feel that you have arrived in southern Italy via Nolita with Tuscan fare to match the decor and theme of this straightforward wine bar and eatery. Wine is paired with a tasty selection of dishes to satisfy the palette. The open kitchen and intimate, romantic setting will take you away from the hustle of the city to an Italian get away featuring the best wines of Italy.

    The Ten Bells

    This establishment on Broome Street with an extensive win list can also delight your taste buds with their small plate menu. Perfectly paired foods for tasting a variety of wines makes this cozy wine bar perfect for a casual night out. Ten Bells has a hip vibe while still welcoming customers with their warm and helpful waitstaff that will readily assist you with your selection for the evening.

    Osteria Cotta

    This new wine bar located in the Upper West Side features a high-end wine selection with a concise menu and lighter Italian offerings. It has an intimate and romantic setting, but still allows patrons to sip casually with a reasonably priced bill at the end of the experience. This might be the new favorite spot for Upper West Siders to enjoy a glass of vino.

    Brooklyn Winery

    This newly opened wine bar gives new meaning to "do it yourself". At Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg you can make your own wine and labels if you are feeling adventurous. If you are more of a spectator (read: drinker) you can sip on wines made in-house overlooking the fermenting vats. This isn't just a wine bar but a fully functioning winery. You can snack on small bites from neighboring restaurant Radish.

    Each of these wine bars curb every wine enthusiast's thirst for a great glass of vino. The small plate sensation coupled with everyone's favorite beverage is taking over the city and these establishments boast ambiance and savory menus to make your wine tasting experience one that is unforgettable.

    Just Want The Wine?

    These wine and spirit stores boast an excellent selection of wines with a large range of prices and knowledgeable staff.

    1. Astor Wine & Spirits

    Patrons say that the friendly people and reasonable prices in this space is what keeps them coming back. You can also order online!

    2. Chamber Street Wines

    Among the usual offerings you find at other stores, Chamber Street Wines also features lesser known European wines as well as other naturally made wines from smaller vineyards.

    3. Moore Brothers Wine Store

    Moore Brother's sources their wine directly from winegrowers all over Europe with a few growers in the U.S.  Patrons also enjoy a knowledgeable staff to help when making a purchase.