Yes, Micah Jesse Does In Fact Promotes Parties At Marquee and Guest House, Sigh...

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 22, 2008

    Our egos have been bruised, and our journalistic integrity has been called into question. An uninformed tipster had the following comment based on our last post concerning errant social gay clubster, promoter, and resident D-lister Micah Jesse:

    "Actually, this was a fantastic dinner party Micah threw and Jason and Leven were two of his guests. If you want to be a reputable website, try getting your facts straight. Also, Micah does not do parties at Guest House or Marquee. Sooo….hop off."

    Funny. Funny cause Micah does indeed promote and do parties at Marquee and Guest House. One needs to look no further than his blog or facebook account.

    Wanna Party With Micah Jesse? Posted on by micahjesseblog

    Well, tonight is your lucky night! We are helping host the Official Matzoh Ball Party @ Marquee in NYC!

    If you are Jewish (presumably because if you’re Christian, you would be celebrating Christmas this evening) then head on over to Marquee on 27th Street and 10th Avenue to party with Micah Jesse!

    What Are YOU Doing This New Years Eve?

    Posted on by micahjesseblog

    Planning what you’re going to do for New Years Eve can be a complicated process… Not anymore! …thanks to MICAHJESSENYE.COM! We have tickets to 36 of the hottest parties in New York City, including...Home/Guesthouse

    There was also of course, the popular birthday party he threw for himself titled "Paparazzi will be present" this year over at Home/Guesthouse that we previously covered here.

    We know that if we cared to spend the time digging any deeper we would find countless invites via facebook and the like to these establishments and probably a host of other shitty ones ala Room Service. And, had we cared to look any further before, we would have realized that the reason we haven't seen much of Micah lately is that he is still in school, and won't be out until 2009! Man, those must be some difficult commutes into the city on the Long Island Expressway from Hofstra. Our hearts go out to you Micah.