Zelda Still Alive And Kicking

by guestofaguest · February 1, 2008

    ZeldaLast night was the Lipstick Jungle premiere party...you know the "second-secondSex and the City"? Anyway, it wasn't probably as boring as it sounds, it was held on Saks shoe floor, the one that is so BIG it warrants it's own zip code. Our favorite Bloggeress Julia Allison was there and already has pictures up. She met heaps of people, including Blair Waldorf Olivia Palermo, and Carrie Bradshaw's (her own fictional self personified) creator Candace Bushnell. However, the most important person Julia met last night was dressed to kill in a purple that looked almost planned up against her own hot pink get up. It was none other than our ULTIMATE FAVORITE New York party gal, Zelda. Julia, Julia, Julia....Zelda's been rock'n this town for years! Please go here, and read all about this fabulous Upper West Sider. You will appreciate knowing that Zelda is the reason women should never fear old age, or being alone. It is truly fitting that you should meet her now. Thank you for this picture, I haven't seen Zelda in forever and was beginning to worry....this made my week!

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