"Like A Geriatric Version Of A Frathouse"

by guestofaguest · January 15, 2008

    the palazzo Chupi

    [Photo from the Villager]

    Such is the description that Dick Cavett gave when asked by NY Magazine what he thought of Julian Schnabel's new building Palazzo Chupi (at the gallery opening of the Schnabel's "Navigation Drawings" last week). It has definitely been a big year for the artist/film maker. Not only are people hailing his newest film "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" as "Nothing less than the rebirth of cinema", but soon he will be living in the coolest apartment in the city. Both Bono and Richard Gere are reported to be looking to move into The Palazzo Chupi, the seventeen-story building that he will divide up for four lucky buyers, all to share a pool together.

    The Palazzo Chupi will most likely continue to be the subject of many a critic's ridicule. It's a "hot pink" building located in the West Village, not Palm Beach. Somehow, we think it uncharacteristically fits in. Whether you love the building or hate it, there's no doubting that it will be the site of many the fabulous soirée. This isn't the first time Schnabel has had to fight off questioning pundits. His personal style has been know to leave many scratching their heads:


    [Photo from NY Mag]