Mystery Solved

by guestofaguest · May 30, 2007


    Remember when we were appalled with the price tag of our brunch one Saturday at the posh Nellos resturaunt?  We couldn't figure out why this place had stayed on the radar for so long as the go-to upper east side brunch venue.  Well today the mystery was solved.  The food and location have nothing to do with it.  It's all about press.  The NY Times reports today on just how much $1,000 can get you.  For Nello Balan, that much in the form of a gift to a Page Six editor can get you a hell of a lot.

    "A database check shows that in the two years after the gift was made, around Christmas 1997, according to The Post, Mr. Balan or his restaurant, Nello, were mentioned at least 15 times in Page Six, almost always favorably."

    Now we get it.  This also reconfirms how shitty the print journalism jobs are paying these days...These editors will do almost anything for a grand.