American Bachelors: More Relevant Now Than Ever Before

by Rachelle Hruska · March 26, 2009

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    It's a tough time out there for guys in finance. Many are discovering new avenues for making money.  Take the two Wall Street guys behind the latest party planning company: The American Bachelor Party. "The American Bachelor Party is your one stop shop for planning a Bachelor Party in NYC." You can plan a party, complete with your limo, hotel, restaurant, bar, AND club at this one stop shop (presumably mostly for regular bachelors, not bachelors getting married-those are non-existent right?)


    Last night, the company threw it's launch party at Sidebar in NYC with 2 for 1 vodka, margaritas, and mojitos.  As the invite said: "If you're not drunk enough by then there are bigger problems than happy hour being over" (um like being single?)