The Official St. Patrick's Day Party Guide 2011

by Molly Harrington · March 17, 2011

    Looking for the best places to drink your green beer and whiskey shots this March 17th? Or maybe you have matured past the binge drinking and are just looking for a good authentic Irish meal.  Maybe you're just dying to wear your "Kiss Me I'm Irish" shirt.  Either way, we've got you covered!



    For the One Stop Partyers...

    Patrick McMullan's Annual St. Patrick's Day Party @ Pacha

    When: 9pm- 11pm

    Where: Pacha , Open Event

    Why: For those who want to see and be seen... and photographed.  [Details]

    St. Patty's Day Celebration at COPIA NYC

    When: 9pm-12am

    Where: Copia NYC, Open Event

    Why: Self proclaimed best drink specials in NYC for the holiday. [Details]

    St. Patrick's Day at Sky Room

    When: 9pm-12am

    Where: Sky Room,  Open Event

    Why: For those who would rather a view of the skyline than a whole-in-the-wall pub. [Details]

    St. Patrick's Day Madness Brawl by Table Tennis Nation at SPiN

    When: 7pm-9pm

    Where: SPiN,  Open Event

    Why: For those of us who just need some competition while drinking. [Details]

    Van Diemens St. Patty's Day Party

    When: 7pm-4am

    Where: Van Diemens Cafe & Bar, Ticketed Event

    Why: Stop by after the parade and get a complimentary beer! [Details]

    Bar 13 St. Patrick's Day Party

    When: 9pm-4am

    Where: Katwalk, Ticketed Event

    Why: Party in the middle of all the parade action. [Details]

    Katwalk St. Patrick's Day Event

    When: 7pm-4am

    Where: Bar 13, Ticketed Event

    Why: Complimentary house beer when you buy advanced tickets! [Details]

    The Lott St. Patty's Day Celebration

    When: 9pm-4am

    Where: The Lott, Ticketed Event

    Why: Get your money's worth with cheap all you can drink tickets! [Details]

    For the Pub-Crawlers... St. Patty's Day Pub Crawl

    When: 11am- 12pm

    Where: Village Pourhouse & Various Locations, Ticketed Event

    Why: For the die hard Irishman who wants to party for 12 hours+ and... (see below). [Details]

    Bar Crawl: Everyone is Irish on St. Patty's Day!

    When: 12pm-9am

    Where: Mercury Bar-East, Ticketed Event

    Why: ....and you are okay with blacking out. [Details]

    For the Foodies...

    Wilfie and Nelle Restaurant

    When: 4pm-4am

    Where: 228 W. 4th St.

    Why: Authentic shepherd's pies and scotch eggs. [Details]

    Lillie's Restaurant

    When: 4pm-2am

    Where: 13 East 17th St.

    Why: Beautiful Victorian bar with plenty of Irish whiskeys and good eats. [Details]