"Cheaper Than Therapy": Babbling With Bloggers At R Bar

by Rachelle Hruska · October 17, 2008

    Caroline McCarthy and Scott Kidder [Photo by Nick McGlynn]

    Go HERE for more photos by John Norwood, (tag yourself and your friends!!), and HERE for Nick McGlynn"s

    Talk about a Blog Fest... last night, at Caroline McCarthy (CNet) and Scott Kidder"s (Gawker) joint birthday party, R bar was THE spot for this city"s bloggers to babble.  An entire Gaggle of Gawkers were there including Gaby Darbyshire, Richard Blakeley, Scott Kidder, Nick McGlynn, James Del and Lux Alptraum (fleshbot) among others.

    Lockhart Steele represented for Curbed, who was no doubt ECSTATIC over his Red Sox win, John Carney who was still convinced that "quitters are winners" (he"s the one who originally persuaded me to quit my day job last fall), was with Joe Weisenthal (both of Silicon Alley Insider/Clusterstock fame).

    Caroline McCarthy and Scott KidderCaroline McCarthy and Scott KidderCaroline McCarthy and Scott Kidder

    More story and photos below:

    Brett aka "Cajun Boy" was there, though I sadly missed him.  Leonora Epstein from Cosmogirl, Ellie Rountree from Rocketboom, Sam Lessin of drop.io and "Style Phile" fame, Thrillist"s Flavie Bagnol, Charles Forman (who started "iminlikewithyou" but sadly is probably better known as Julia Allison"s ex... Julia was a no show-perhaps because he was there?).  Rex Sorgatz of Fimoculous who we hear should be a "style phile" subject.  And of course David Karp, tumblr"s founder, and Caroline"s heart-stealer.

    Caroline McCarthy and Scott KidderCaroline McCarthy and Scott KidderCaroline McCarthy and Scott Kidder

    There were a handful of finance guys.  They were the ones in suits.

    A bit of scoop from last night from John Norwood:

    "I met Annie Gasparro, who writes for Dow Jones,and says she has a column on advice for brokers and broker trends titled, "Brokers World". Asked her, "How do you expect anyone to read a column with such a boring title?" Annie, "I know. It"s not my title. I try to tell people that my column is cheaper than therapy." Me, "That"s it. That should be the new title of the the column, "Cheaper Than Therapy". That title will get a lot of attention, especially now." Annie, "Oooooh, you"re right. I"m going to talk to my boss tomorrow."

    "Annie"s pal, Meredith Lepore writes for a blog. "Pretty Boring". I love the title. With that title in mind, no matter what anyone writes about, it has to be better than the title, no place to go but up. It"s trendy, entertainment, humor, follows the stars, etc.."

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