Curbed Sponsors A Party Celebrating NY Real Estate. No,This Is Not An April Fool's Day Joke

by Rachelle Hruska · April 3, 2009

    [Lockart Steele always gets the girls. Photos by Daniel Krieger]

    Last night, while we were at dinner at Lure (a Lockhart Steele fav), the man himself was helping his site, host party celebrating real estate. The 565-unit Williamsburg waterfront development of the Kent Street sales offices of The Edge, their latest site advertiser, was lacking on the sushi, but had enough drinks to keep the developers happy. Because what better time can you think of to host a party CELEBRATING real estate in this city?  Even DBTH's Scott Solish shockingly left Bea for a night to join in on the fun, and wearing on his best dress shirt to boot! I can't believe I missed out on this one. Our favorite pick of their photos below...

    Leslie Price and Scott Solish