Deluxe Experience Launches At The Gramercy Park Hotel With Upper Echelon Shoes

by ARIEL MOSES · July 15, 2009

    [DJ Cohen with a pair of Upper Echelon Shoes]

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    Fashionistas, socials, celebrities, and nightlife staples gathered at the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel last night. The weather was impeccable, and as the Grey Goose flowed, Alan Philips, Josh Shames, and Track Entertainment celebrated the launch of Deluxe Experience ( with Upper Echelon Shoes. 

    UES co-founder DJ Nick Cohen spun his usual eclectic mix for a bustling crowd. Guests included UES co-founder Seth Campbell, Kevin Connolly, Alexandra Richards, Rose Bar’s Nur Khan, Tara Subkoff, NY Giants’ Howard Cross, Derek Feinman, ANTM/MTV’s Kim Stolz, “Homecoming” producer Austin Stark, Alexia Aidan, Track Entertainment CEO Andrew Fox, actor James Francis Ginty, singer/songwriter Jamie Jo Harris, Anisha Lakhani, David Chines, Byrdie Bell, Vito Schnabel, Kristian Laliberte, Carol Han, The City’s Renee Lucas, Thrillist’s Steve Bryant, Hayden Lynch, Melissa Berkelhammer, Brett Marcus Coady, Christina Civetta, Michael Musto, and Scott Buccheit, along with many of GofG's very own.

    We even had a little preview of PC Peterson (with a broken wrist it seemed) who arrived in pseudo-style with Baron Hilton. After last week’s meet and greet with Kelly, I figured this would be a breeze…until Baron promptly told him “not to pose for photos too willingly,”and the two boys went back to flirting with the several girls at their corner table. Note: this is precisely why NYC Prep live tweet must wait until tonight! [Ed note: Disappointed that Ariel's A Twitterific Breakdown Of NYC Prep From A Real One isn't up today? Don't worry, she DVRed it while she was out partying with a few of the cast last night - it'll be up nice and early tomorrow!]

    Plenty of nightlife heavyweights came to support the Sky Group principals, including Eugene Remm, Michael Sinensky, Daniel & Derek Koch, Michael Gogel,and Adam Spoont... a nice nod to the Sky Group’s contributions to NY’s famed nightlife scene.

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    DJ Nick Cohen's Dad gets down with his bad self!

    ABOVE photos by JT WHITE. BELOW photos by JAMIE CHIU.