Donnie Wahlberg Turns 40! The New Kid On The Block Is All Grown Up, Still Has "The Right Stuff"

by JULIA LOVALLO · August 31, 2009

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    Combine over 1,000 screaming fans, 3 customized birthday cakes, a nightclub smack-dab in the middle of a casino and you get the 40th birthday party for actor/producer Donnie Wahlberg, not entirely gone from his days as 1/5 of the 90’s boy band New Kids on the Block (where there is no doubt how he garnered those 1,000 fans).

    His sold out party culminated at Ultra 88, the luxe club at Mohegan Sun on Tuesday night. After a day of golfing with Dropkick Murphy’s frontman Ken Casey and his own entourage (not to be confused with his brothers Mark’s “Entourage”), Donnie hit up two pre-parties with fans that came out from all over the map. Finally, at Ultra 88, VIP’s had their own special booth on the dance floor to take in the extravaganza, including special performances by the birthday boy himself, MTV's "Making His Band" celeb judge/ musician Rob Lewis and Jimmy Marsh, an up-and-coming rapper on Donnie's label. Those in attendance included NYC super model Jaizen Homiller, Seth Greenberg and El Tiante Cigars CEO Dan Tiant.

    Rumor has it his after-party didn’t end until 5 a.m. the next morning. Thus asking the question, does he still have the “Right Stuff?”