Ceva Nights Takes On A Roman Empire Theme, Celebrates DJ Francesco Civetta's Birthday!

by MICHELLE MCKELVEY · July 9, 2009

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    It was a theme to serve as a throwback to the Roman Empire day's from the food to the decor. The party, series two of the Civetta's Ceva Nights, was held in the wine cellar of Ristorante Primavera decorated in red and yellow the colors of Rome and a wonderful crowd enjoying wine and Roman cuisine. Typical dishes such as fava beans and pecorino and Roman style artichokes to start, followed by homemade gnocchi gratinata and rigatoni amatricianna.

    For main course there was a choice between Abbochio of lamb,salmone allo champagna or pollo al diavolo. The finale was a ricotta cheese and chocolate mouse birthday cake for DJ Francesco Civetta whom was celebrating his 28th birthda ,homemade cupcakes in traditional Roman colors of yellow and red were supplied by Cristina the host of the evening. Guests dressed in togas and garland crown or anything to fit to the theme.

    In attendance to celebrate the evening were: Francesco Civetta, Alexandria Hilfiger, Harif Guzman and beautiful model Dani Smith, Ryan Harris, Michael Stillman, Rajan Mehta and David Komuriek of one dream rush films, Alessandro Cremona from Conde Nast, Shawn Mcdonald, Varick o'dea, Luxury shoe designer Deborah Lyons, Cristina Civetta master of ceremonies, Katie Cwayna and Julie Bohl and many others....

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    Brother and sister duo, Francesco and Cristina Civetta