Gawker Stalkers Get Together To Party On Their Mother Ship

by SARAH MANDATO · May 22, 2009

    [Gawker Stalkers aka the commentators mix, mingle, and drink together on the mother ship's rooftop]

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    Our neighbors at Gawker have gotten the memo: the internetters loves themselves a rooftop shin dig! Following G of G's launch of rooftop season last weekend (and we were thrilled some Gawkers stopped in), the site hosted a rooftop party for Starz's new show "Party Down" to reward their loyal "starred" commentators and readers.Imbibing, flirting and merry making away from those pesky computer screens; these kids put on quite the party (with the help of James Del). With photo fav Nick McGlynn capturing the blogerati, we are sure many an antic ensued behind the scenes.  There are definitely a lot of hungover nerds out there today. Hey, look on the bright side, you have a long weekend to sleep off that hangover (many headed to McGlynn's Obliterati Party at Sweet & Vicious to continue on the drinking train). And for the record, our drinks were so better than yours...

    [Gawker's Rooftop]