Hornitos' "Mischieve In The Garden Of Agave" At Hudson Terrace

by ARIEL MOSES · June 11, 2009

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    Hudson Terrace posed as the perfect venue for “Mischieve in the Garden of Agave” hosted by Hornitos Tequila. The Salon was packed to the brim with guests who danced the night away and let loose in the Hornitos photo booth, Hornito Margaritas in hand. DJ Blackstarr and Mad Decent DJ artists Maluca and Paul Devro performed as burlesque and body-painted Go-Go dancers seductively wowed the crowd. There was even a special performance by The Golden Filter performed for a wild crowd including "Watchmen" star Malin Akerman, who came with her siblings in tow. Also on hand were The Agency’s Harold Kuhn and Jerold Limon, Alex Kane of Jelly NYC, Zev Norotsky, Vanessa Bokaemper, Chris Grubb, and Alex Masnyk.

    The 100 percent pure blue agave tequila-- mischievously replaces non-tequila based spirits in classic cocktail combinations. Signature cocktails served included the Juan Collins, Hornipolitan, Horni Wallbanger, and Hornijo.