How To Survive A NYC Media Party, Reflection After The NY Times Inaugural Party

by Rachelle Hruska · January 21, 2009

    [How many media guests can you spot in photo? via NICK MCGLYNN]

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    New York City media parties are much more cliquey than even the socialite affairs, as I am quickly learning.  There's the techies, the bloggers, the print writers, and more. I asked at least three writers last night to do a recap of the inauguration party that the NY Times threw at The New Museum for me, but alas they are all most likely still in bed.  So, instead of talking about the photo booths, the bar drinks and the mini cupcakes being passed around, here is my guide to surviving a NYC media party:

    When talking to someone that has a lot to say (or asks a lot of questions about a particular subject): You are most likely talking to someone in print media.  These people have entire DAYS to work on their stories and will be most likely steering the conversation into getting more info out of you for whatever story they are currently working on.  These writers are also usually very interested in where you work/what you do as they themselves are perpetually job-searching (since their current may end at any moment).

    When talking to someone that has NOTHING to say: 9 times out of 10 it's probably a tech nerd.  It's like pulling teeth to get these people to carry on a conversation with you.  They spend their days in solace, programming the next Vimeo or talking nerd speak to their computer friends IRC channels.  I am useless to them, and unintelligent to boot.  They hit up the bar again and try to remain unnoticed.

    When talking to someone you have a hard time following: They are bloggers.  Obviously.  This guy (or girl) moves around topics like the world is ending in 20 minutes and they have to get EVERYTHING out that they know at once.

    When talking to the guy with impeccable style and funny jokes: He is gay.  You fall in love after two minutes of being around this guy that isn't afraid to tell you exactly how it is.  He is undoubtedly in a bowtie, or some kind of sartorial accent, and has jokes that you try to memorize and repeat later on.  Ladies, if you are looking for your prince, you are SOLD, this guy will become one of your best friends.

    In addition last night I mingled among the "don't call us hipsters" in their awesome glasses, vintage dresses, and tight ass jeans; the writers in jackets and ties, and Lockhart Steele's old roomie (who thought I looked like Suzanne Summers in "Three's Company").  I watched as we all made cliches of ourselves, huddling in cliques like it was high school.  And I'll let you in on a little secret: the line to the photo booth was longer than the one to the bar, because even the people covering the news like to be famous every now and then.

    Guests included:

    Manish Dayal - Star of the Broadway show "Rafta, Rafta", Poppy Harlow - Anchor of CNN Money, John Leguizamo - Actor, Slater Bradley - Guggenheim Artist, Dennis Crowley - Founder of, Federico Folcia, Founder of, Sam Lessin, Founder of, David Karp, Founder of Tumblr, Charles Foreman, Founder of IMINLIKEWITHYOU.COM., Mary Rambin - Non Society, Fern Mallis - IMG, Bonnie Morrison - Social, Derek Blasberg - Writer, The Guardian, Elle, Elizabeth Spiers - Gawker Founder, Paul Johnson-Calderon - Paper Mag, Social, Michel Berl - Owner, Kyotofu