I-Banker-Turned-Writer Publishes First Beach Read Of 2010

by Cary Randolph Fuller · March 4, 2010

    Think finance guys are devoid of creativity and soul? Think again! Malcolm Dorson, investment banker and Penn grad, can now add "published author" to his resume with the release of his first novel Octopus Summer. And in true New York fashion, he's throwing a party to celebrate it. 

    Octopus Summer, to revive a few terms from high school literature, is a bildungsroman, a roman a clef, of a kid named Callum Littlefield who lives with his eccentric grandmother after getting kicked out of prep school. Bored and restless he runs away to his parents' empty Manhattan townhouse and experiences a transformative summer among the city's elite. Sounds like the perfect read for our first Jitney ride of 2010!

    Malcolm Dorson with Chloe Wynne and Kylie Gattinella at the Jane Hotel, June 2009

    To mark this momentous accomplishment, Carolina Dorson and Serena Tufo are throwing a party on at the Lisa Perry shop. Though the invitation doesn't specify a dress code, we predict lots of green dresses and bow ties, as the party takes place on St. Patrick's Day. An after party at Orsay may compete with Dorrian's Red Hand for revelers dying to drink green beer.

    For more information about or to purchase Octopus Summer, please visit CreateSpace.