John Carney's Birthday Party, No Malice Palace Packed With The Man's Admirers

by Rachelle Hruska · February 2, 2009

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    I have always known John Carney not as the founder of Clusterstock, or the ex editor of DealBreaker, but as the man who convinced me to quit my job.  It was fall of '07 and he was the first official "blogger" that I met at the Curbed party in the basement of Chinatown Brasserie.  His words were so inspiring that I quit my finance job months later to do GofG full time.  Over the months since, I have come to realize that John has been the inspiration for many the job-quitter and is more than just a random blogger.  He is THE man, and though it was a little disappointing to realize that the epiphany I shared with him over a year ago wasn't unique to me (or him), I am still in awe of him and his many admirers.  Case in point: his birthday party this Saturday night.....

    More story and photos below:

    The Party, at "No Malice Palace" in the East village was PACKED (the party eventually moved on to HiFi).  So packed that I didn't even see friends of mine that were there, and wouldn't have known that they were in fact helping John celebrate (by donating a drink in his honor on Charitini of course), had I not seen the photos.

    A couple of those present: Kevin Kearney (who was DJing), Rachel Sklar, Will Leitch, Justin Rocket Silverman, Rex Sorgatz, Andrew Krucoff, Kate Miltner, Caroline McCarthy, Katie Baker, the entire Alley Insider crew (Dan Frommer, Nicholas Carlson, Joseph Weisenthal, Jay Yarow), and two of the three hosts from the I'm Just Sayin' Show (Jackie and Kristen).  All there to help celebrate John, the man my parents will hunt down should I ever find myself jobless.....

    I'm obsessed with this guy